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An Independent Certified Practitioner, Instructor, Master


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Über Mich

I help open minded and successful people connect to their heart, so they can better identify their feelings and be guided by their intuition. It brings peace of mind, easier and faster decision making as well as clarity on next steps in your life.


During the courses we focus on releasing energy blocks such as fear, resentment and anger, which are holding you back from living your desired life. We will do this in a way that feels loving, safe and protected. You will also be trained to become a theta healing practitioner, so you can use this powerful technique for yourself and others. 

The courses also let discover more about yourself and your life path. They support you by doing the inner work to create outer change, without being hold back by the energy of procrastination or resistance.
Sometimes we feel that spiritual growth and change is coming. The theta healing technique is excellent to guide you through this in a joyful and safe way.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries about the courses or private sessions. If you like more information you can call me via the number in my profile at the top of this page or you can book a free discovery call via my website ( |
With Love & gratitude,

zusätzliche Referenzen

Tony Robbins Seminars:
  • Unleash the Power within
  • Date with Destiny
  • Life Mastery
  • Wealth Mastery
Corporate background in hospitaility management, commercial real estate and hotel investment and development. 


"During the ThetaHealing sessions with Susie, I had the wonderful opportunity to go deep into my blockages and beliefs. I discovered them with Susie’s wonderful, empathic help and her natural spiritual skills. We identified the relations between my blockages and their origins and even better, we resolved them all."

Melanie Backes

"Susie was on point with all of the themes I'm currently experiencing. She dove deeper into the root cause of my perception of money and some of my habits that weren't in alignment with my goals. I felt a deep energetic shift and I'm truly grateful for her guidance! Thank you, Susie from the bottom of my heart."

United Kingdom

"By working with Susie I have been able to experience real heart centred connection. A very special deeply connected feeling. Beautiful things have been changing. We worked on my life purpose, which gave me real clarity on my next steps in life. We have done work around money and again I have been feeling the same heart centred connection. I just want to put out much heartfelt gratitude to Susie, it is amazing to work with her."

Zack Olinger
United States

"I worked closely with Susie over several months even though I am a certified spiritual healer utilising another modality. Susie was easy to work with and made the process fun. I felt truly supported and attended to throughout our time together even in between sessions. She was able to get me concrete results and help me clarify many issues. Each session was an exquisite divine healing journey. I find theta healing in general to be a very useful and pleasant modality. I feel blessed to have Susie in my life in this capacity, though she shines in everything she does. Her positivity is contagious. She is dedicated to helping and gives her all. If I could sum her up in one word it would be: exceptional. "

Iga Mrozek
United States

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