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General FAQ's

  1. Can I change the amount of time a class is taught in?
  2. What is ThetaHealing?
  3. In ThetaHealing® you talk about the Creator. What is the Creator?
  4. What is DNA activation?
  5. Do I Have to change my religion to practice ThetaHealing®?
  6. Can I use the Theta Healing technique on myself?
  7. How do I select a ThetaHealing Practitioner?
  8. What can I expect during a ThetaHealing session?
  9. What should I do to prepare for my ThetaHealing® session?
  10. How many sessions will I need with ThetaHealing?
  11. How much does an appointment cost?
  12. What seminars can I take with a Certified ThetaHealing Instructor?
  13. How do I register for a class?
  14. What is a scholarship and how do I apply for one?
  15. What is a Teachers Assistant and how to apply to be a Teachers Assistant?
  16. Do you have to sign a contract to practice ThetaHealing?
  17. Do you have people sign a contract to teach ThetaHealing®?
  18. How do I become a Manifesting and Abundance Teacher?

About THInK

  1. What are the Hours for the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge? (THInK)
  2. Can you take all the seminars from start to finish?
  3. What Hotels are close to THInK?
  4. Do you cover accommodations?
  5. Cancellation Refund and Transfer Policy

Website Usability

  1. How do I get my name listed on the website as a ThetaHealer?
  2. How do I retrieve my user name and password?
  3. What do I do if my User Name and Password are Not Working?
  4. How do I get missing seminars to show in my profile?
  5. How do I Find a ThetaHealer?
  6. How do I find a ThetaHealing Seminar?

Vianna Stibal

  1. Who is Vianna Stibal?
  2. Do you have proof you had a tumor or problem with your leg?
  3. Vianna are you Anti- Doctor?
  4. What seminars are taught by Vianna Stibal?
  5. What books do you suggest?
  6. Does Vianna Take appointments?


  1. What languages are ThetaHealing Books available in?


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THETAHEALING, THETAHEALER, das THETA HEALING Schild-Logo und THInK/THETA HEALING INSTITUTE OF KNOWLEDGE sind eingetragene Handelsmarken. Seminare und Sitzungen der ThetaHealing Energiemodalität sind ausschliesslich von Lehrern und Praktizierenden erhältlich, die in der ThetaHealing Technik zertifiziert sind. Nur ein Lehrer oder Praktizierender, der durch das THInK zertifiziert wurde, ist berechtigt sich ThetaHealer zu nennen. Nur die Energietechniken, die durch Vianna und THInK entwickelt und genehmigt wurden, können ThetaHealing genannt werden.

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